Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)

ChareeseTech has extensive experience in EDMS. An Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is a computer system or suite of programs designed to store and track electronic documents and other media.

In order to function effectively, all enterprises require some sort of formalized system by which to store, organize, retrieve and process electronic documents. While some enterprises continue to rely on paper-based document management systems, it is almost always easier and more reliable to use EDMS.

EDMS typically provide support for a range of processes related to the storage, tracking and retrieval of electronic documents. The primary concept behind an EDMS is that it can act as a standalone system, performing all the tasks necessary to manage the electronic documents of an enterprise.

ChareeseTech uses best solution EDMS software for EDMS services.

Our EDMS services include:

  • Implementation of EDMS using TWAIN - is the interface standard for Windows and Macintosh that allows imaging hardware devices (such as scanners and digital cameras) to communicate with image processing software.

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