GPS Tracking device


GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System, is a satellite navigation system that can ascertain the latitude and longitude of a GPS receiver device on the Earth.

A GPS tracking unit can determine the precise location of any individual or vehicle carrying the GPS receiver. Data about location and other aspects can be stored in various forms, depending on the type of tracking unit.

The location of the object or individual being tracked is often recorded at regular intervals. Recording of an object can take place within the GPS receiver unit, or can be transmitted to a central location such as a database, where it can be accessed either via mobile technology or over the internet.

GPS tracking systems can typically be viewed in real-time and have a map in the background to display the current location of an object.

GPS Tracking device comes into categories: GPS vehicle tracker and GPS personal tracker.

Features include:

(1). Tracking via SMS or GPRS (TCP/UDP)

(2). Current location report

(3). Tracking by time interval

(4). SOS panic button

(5). Geo-fencing control

(6). Low battery alert

(7). Speeding alert

(8). Cut off the car power/fuel supply, to stop the car by SMS or by Tracking Center

(9). Alert when device enters/exits GPS blind area

(10). Alert when device is turned on

(11). Lock, unlock the car door by the transmitter or by phone

(12). Built-in motion sensor for power saving

(13). Position logging capacity up to 260,000+ waypoints

(14).I/O: 5 digital inputs and 5 outputs.

(15).Hands-free phone for two way communication.

(16).Door/window open alarm (Optional)

(17). Get detail address via SMS directly.

(18). Fuel monitoring via centre system


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